QBA's Climate Portal 

Our climate portal has been designed specifically for the Queensland honey bee industry, with a goal to assist apiarists from recreational to commercial level to prepare for any climate/weather emergencies that may impact areas of the state.

Queensland is well known as the state that continues to suffer from extreme climate variances, impacting our state from season to season. From prolonged droughts to fires and flooding rains, we hope this portal provides a means for industry to access on-time relevant updates that may protect your beekeeping interests. 

Where possible, we actively encourage all beekeepers in Queensland to become a member of the Queensland Beekeepers' Association Inc. The QBA is the industry body for beekeeping in Queensland and our ongoing efforts protect the welfare and interests of every apiarist in the state. Please support the association who advocates on behalf of all industry members. Click here to learn more about the QBA. 

To complete a membership application, please visit our online application portal here. 

The QBA's disclaimer of liability can be found at the base of this page.


DAF Apiarists Fire Mapping Application 

The QBA have been in active consultation with DAF to design and publish an online map which is hoped to provide an additional means where apiarists may identify and track fire activity occurring near your apiaries. 

Click here to access DAF Apiarists Fire Mapping Portal

The map allows beekeepers to:

  • easily identify fires within the proximately of apiary sites within National Parks and Forestry estate, 
  • use the map to identify fires burning near or close to private land apiary sites, 
  • use the 'fire time slider' button located at the centre of the bottom of the site to see a timeline of fire activity,
  • add additional layers to the map for greater ease of accessibility and improve the user experience.

WARNING: Beekeepers are advised that all warnings are issued by the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service and your local ABC radio station. Click HERE to access fire warnings

This map DOES NOT identify or illustrate current firefighting efforts being deployed to actively fight fires on the ground. 

Current Bushfire Warnings 

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Service website provides a wealth of information that will assist you in understanding any warnings and actions you should initiate as a result of a fire in your local area. 

Click here to access the QFES Current Bushfire Warnings and Incidents

The QFES page also provides useful information that may help you to prepare for natural disaster events. 

In the event of a Fire CALL 000.

Understand the fire ratings in your area

Please use the link below to learn more about the current fire danger ratings across Queensland. 

Click here to access the current Fire Danger Ratings for your area

FACT: Did you know fire danger ratings don't reflect current fire bans or restrictions that may have be currently in place in your local area?

Fire danger ratings advise you of the current level of preparedness for fire. This system is a national system across Australia. 

Guidelines for using Bee Smokers 

The QBA has developed best practice guidelines for the use of bee smokers in consultation with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES). The guidelines have been developed to assist our industry (both recreational and commercial) as accessible procedures for the use of bee smokers.

All beekeepers are urged to download this document and employ best practice provisions to mitigate risk of fires as a result of beekeeping activity. 

Where possible, the QBA strongly urges beekeepers to postpone all beekeeping activities requiring the use of a smoker during any total fire bans until such time as conditions improve. 

DAF Disaster Impact Survey 

Beekeepers who experience damage or loss due to bushfires, or other disaster events are encouraged to complete the Disaster Impact Survey. 

Data collected from the reports help to determine where and when additional assistance is needed to support the recovery needs of industry. 

Click here to complete the Disaster Impact Survey. 

QBA members experiencing any damage or loss as a result of bushfires are encouraged to contact the QBA for additional assistance and support. 

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