Queensland Beekeepers' Association 

at the Royal Queensland Show

The Queensland Beekeepers' Association Inc (QBA) have been consistently exhibiting at the Royal Queensland Show or Ekka since 1906. 

The QBA has offered a 'sweet' educational experience to patrons of the Ekka through our stand located in the Agricultural Pavilion at the RNA Showgrounds in Brisbane. The Ekka showcases Queensland Agriculture and brings 'the country to the city' every August for 10 days each year. 

Over our 116 year involvement at the Ekka, crowds stop by the QBA stand to learn more about the wonderful world of honey bees as our team of beekeepers disseminate the art of beekeeping. Visitors are encouraged to watch, listen and occasionally participate in the many educational demonstrations provided within our program. 

From watching a 'beekeeping demonstration' conducted in our purpose built 'hive enclosure' where one of our experienced QBA members enters the enclosure to take the audience through a hive inspection. Visitors will be stepped through the structure of the hive, the roles of the types of bees in the hive, and have a chance to catch a glimpse of the Queen bee. 

The QBA also conduct honey extraction demonstrations, where members of the audience can participate in the honey extraction process by using the old age 'arm-strong method' to release delectable sweet goodness from frames of capped honey. Another popular item on our program is the bees wax candle making sessions for the kids. One of our volunteers run the children through the process of how honey bees produce wax, how our beekeepers then press the wax into foundation. Children are offered a small sheet of bees wax foundation and a candle wick to roll their very own birthday cake candle. 

After a visit to our educational space, we also encourage patrons to support the QBA and greater beekeeping industry through the purchase of a jar of QBA's 'Beekeepers Own Honey' label. Each year a handful of QBA's commercial beekeeper members reserve some of the finest honey proudly produced by their bees and donate it to the QBA. Funds from the sale of our honey at Ekka each year are directly invested in our organisation, allowing the QBA to continue our critical work protecting the interests, needs, welfare and future of beekeeping in Queensland. 

QBA is also sincerely appreciative of the contributions from our friends the Midgley family, owners of Bush Honey Pty Ltd who continue to pack our bulk donated honey into retail sized jars, ready for sale at the Ekka each year. This gesture alone alleviates precious time that would be spent pouring bulk honey by hand. 

It is also imperative that we mention the continued support from our QBA Ekka Army. This exceptional group of people, both members of the QBA and members of our Affiliate clubs, turn up each year to assist the QBA in all elements of collaborating a successful show exhibit. From design of the stand, to bump-in, staffing our stand, running our educational demonstrations and answering some buzzing questions from intrigued visitors of the show, our Ekka Army deserves our heartfelt thanks. With out the sustained contributions from our volunteers, QBA would be unable to participate at Ekka year after year. 

Beekeeping in Queensland has undergone an exponential increase in recent years, especially in the population of urban and hobby beekeepers. A major drawcard to the Ekka for both commercial and hobby beekeepers each year continues to be the very popular apiculture competition. Beekeepers from across Queensland prepare their entries early each year in preparation for this prestigious competition. Categories within the annual competition include, honey class, honey comb, bees wax, pollen and mead competitions. Entries generally open in May for the apiculture competition, with much competitiveness around the ultimate award, the Most Successful Exhibitor Award, sponsored by the QBA each year. 

QBA continues to welcome new volunteers interested in assisting the association host this special event each year. If you're keen to volunteer your time, please contact our State Secretary on statesecretary@qbabees.org.au for more information. 

For more information on the Apiculture competition at Ekka, please visit: 


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