Queensland Beekeepers' Association Inc.

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The Queensland Beekeepers' Association (QBA) was founded in 1886 and is made up of professional apiarists

and amateur beekeepers in Queensland.

"The Queensland Beekeepers' Association Inc provides a means by which apiarists may be represented through a common organisation for the welfare of the industry, to watch over and protect the interests of members in particular and the industry in general and to ensure an adequate return to the apiarist for their labour and capital in the industry".

Are you a beekeeper in Queensland,  wanting to know more about issues affecting the honeybee industry in Queensland?

The QBA is committed to ensuring the future of the beekeeping industry in Queensland. The Board of the QBA represents its members in liaison with the government, media and the general community. 

Annual conferences and regular newsletters provide a forum for members. Membership starts from as little as $50.00 per year, falling due 1st May each year.

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"Queensland Beekeepers' Association Inc" is a non-profit organization. PO Box 61, Boonah, QLD 4310

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