QBA's Best Practice Guidelines for 

Beekeeping in Queensland 

Guidelines for using Bee Smokers

The QBA has developed best practice guidelines for the use of bee smokers in consultation with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES). The guidelines have been developed to assist our industry (both recreational and commercial) as accessible procedures for the use of bee smokers.

All beekeepers are urged to download this document and employ best practice provisions to mitigate risk of fires as a result of beekeeping activity. 

Where possible, the QBA strongly urges beekeepers to postpone all beekeeping activities requiring the use of a smoker during any total fire bans until such time as conditions improve. 

Guidelines for Urban Beekeeping

The QBA has developed best practice guidelines for urban beekeeping in Queensland. 

This guide has been developed and published in line with the Biosecurity Act Qld with all recommendations meeting a recreational beekeepers obligations under the act. 

New beekeepers are encouraged to visit our dedicated 'Getting Started' page within the QBA's main website https://qbabees.org.au/beginning-basics/ to learn more about your obligations as an urban beekeeper. 

New and existing beekeepers are actively encouraged to join the Queensland Beekeepers' Association to support our efforts to protect your beekeeping interests.  Learn more about our membership options by clicking here

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