Pests and Disease

Explore our dedicated playlist to learn more about exotic and endemic pests and diseases that have the ability to impact the health of honey bees. 

Topics covered include:

  • Bee brood diseases
  • Mites and external parasites
  • Ants, waxmoth and hive beetle
  • Nosema
  • Good bee biosecurity 
  • The honey bee industry code of practice
  • Barrier systems for honey bees


Honey bee and Pollination Series

Agrifutures Australia covers a variety of topics in this great series. 

Topics included in this series include: 

  • How to select apiary sites
  • How to Re-queen a hive
  • Artificial insemination (AI) of queen bees
  • Breeding Queen bees
  • Providing a pollination service
  • The Barrier Management System

QBA Events

Explore our series reflecting on recent events hosted by the QBA. 

Each year the QBA hosts a state conference in conjunction with our annual general meeting. Open days are held on the Saturday after the completion of our conference. 

We also take great pride in our extension work promoting our unique, yet critical sector to our agricultural industry partners, external stakeholders, school students and all levels of government. 


(Australian Honey Bee Industry Council)

Explore AHBIC's Explainer Series covering topics including : 

  • Setting up your first bee hive
  • Beekeeping as a business
  • Managing your bee hive to prevent pests and diseases

This dedicated playlist also includes industry briefing updates relating to the response to Varroa mite. 

To learn more about AHBIC please click here.

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