Varroa Mite Update 42 - Volunteers Required Immediately - Varroa Mite Response Program

28 July 2022 7:14 AM | Anonymous

AHBIC have made an additional call to action seeking volunteers to support the national response effort to contain and eradicate varroa. With the new detection near Coffs Harbour, we are supporting the effort to secure volunteers and putting our voice behind the new call out for volunteers. 

In past weeks the QBA have sent in excess of 40 volunteers to support the program. The individuals volunteering have been a collection of QBA members (both recreational and commercial beekeepers) and members of our affiliate clubs. 

We send our sincere thanks to our team from Queensland, who've been on site now for some time providing expert skill set and support. These individuals have put aside family, business and work to represent the industry in our hour of need and they now need their colleagues to step up. 

We're now calling on all members of the QBA and our affiliate clubs to register their interest to support the program. We have one chance at eradication and we need you on board.

The online registration form has been updated to include a few new fields of information that will support the coordination team to connect skill set and experience with the onsite work demands. 

By completing the online registration form (attached below), your information will be added to the call up list. You will be contacted by the response control centre and provided with an offer to volunteer. In additional, your travel arrangements, accommodation and meal requirements will be confirmed once you've been contacted by the response team. 

We appreciate everyone is busy given the time of the year, but again we have one chance at varroa. 

Take action today and add your name to the list. 

Kind regards,

Jo Martin 

QBA State Secretary

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