Varroa Mite Update 38 - Bee 123 / Surveillance Call to Action

20 July 2022 2:06 PM | Anonymous

As a result of the launch of the Bee 123 varroa mite surveillance reporting software, we are putting another call out to all QBA members and members of affiliate clubs to commence varroa mite surveillance activities immediately, and report the activities you've completed (regardless of the result) to the Bee 123 app or online via the following link:

The Bee 123 program is a critical mechanism that will assist in our preparedness efforts for varroa mite. 

We also ask if you have completed mite surveillance activities since the detection of varroa destructor in the Port of Newcastle, the results of your activities should be reported to the Bee 123 portal. 

Reporting your findings takes just a few moments. I have attached the Bee 123 announcement and fact sheet (sent to members last week) to support our members to fulfil this request from the QBA. The fact sheet supports you in a step by step process to set up the app with ease.

The QBA executive team have also produced a limited number of alcohol wash kits for QBA members. The alcohol wash kits were distributed to the 5 QBA branches last week. We strongly recommend QBA members make contact with their branch executive to arrange collection of a kit. 

The varroa mite detection in Newcastle and subsequent response effort is the 'when' industry has been inevitably waiting and preparing for. Conducting varroa mite surveillance today is the activity you can complete now, to play your role in the national fight to contain and eradicate varroa. 

Please support the significant effort from the QBA, our team on the ground in the biosecurity zones and the efforts of DAF and Biosecurity Queensland to protect and support the future of beekeeping in Queensland.

You are a critical member of the team, its now time to take the field. 

Kind regards,

Jo Martin 

QBA State Secretary

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