Varroa Mite Update 34 - Updated Queensland Movement Control Order

14 July 2022 9:29 PM | Anonymous

Earlier today (14th July 2022) a new and updated Queensland Movement Control Order came into effect to reflect a number of important changes.

The new order, means you still cannot move bees, beehives, used beekeeping equipment or bee products (including honey) into Queensland, but you will be able to move some products and equipment consistent with the movement control order, including:

  • processed honey or processed beeswax
  • a new and unused apiary appliance
  • a quarantine secured diagnostic honey sample for testing at a recognised diagnostic facility.

Where processed honey and beeswax is being transported, the container must be clean on the outside to avoid attracting bees.

To download a copy of the new Movement Control Order (MCO) please click on the attachment below. 

We are asking all members to direct questions in relation to the MCO to the DAF Engagement Hub. You can visit the hub by clicking the link below and submit a question online. 

Kind regards,

Jo Martin 

QBA State Secretary

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