Varroa Mite Update 31 - Launch of Bee 123/Queensland Hive Surveillance Program.

13 July 2022 8:31 PM | Anonymous

Due to the serious nature of the detection of Varroa mite in NSW and the continuing efforts being undertaken to contain and eradicate the mite, the QBA have been providing consultation to Biosecurity Queensland to develop a state wide hive surveillance program to increase Queensland based surveillance activities. 

Today, we're pleased to announce the roll out of the Queensland Hive Surveillance program that will be facilitated through the Bee 123 portal. 

Please find the media release from Minister Furner relating to the launch of Bee 123 in the link below. 

To compliment the launch of the new Bee 123 software, Biosecurity Queensland and the Queensland Beekeepers Association are hosting a live webinar on varroa mite, including how to check your bee hives and report your results via the Bee 123 form on the Survey 123 app.

The live webinar will take place tomorrow (14th July 2022) at 7.00pm.

We will send the link to the live webinar in a separate email tomorrow. Please use the link provided in the email tomorrow to access this important information session for all beekeepers. 

Anyone wishing to participate in the webinar will need to download the Microsoft teams app prior to the webinar. Simply search the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or your internet Browser to download the Microsoft teams app. 

I have also prepared a fact sheet on the Bee 123 program. Please feel free to download and print the fact sheet in preparation for the live webinar tomorrow. 

We're calling on every beekeeper across Queensland to support and actively contribute the Queensland Hive Surveillance Program to assist in the national effort to detect, contain and eradicate the mite.

Please ensure you take the time to join us tomorrow evening. Much effort has been put in behind the scenes to coordinate the program and tomorrow nights webinar for industry on top of the efforts to support the national response to the varroa mite incursion. 

Bee a part of #teambee

Kind regards,

Jo Martin 

QBA State Secretary

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