Varroa Mite Update 29 - Update from AHBIC via Facebook (10/07/2022 at 3pm)

10 July 2022 6:45 PM | Anonymous

Please find the update from AHBIC below which was posted to social media at 3pm today (10/07/2022). 

AHBIC is working hard for the benefit of our Honey Bee industry and partners in Australia.

In order to do this we take into account the diverse needs and desires of beekeepers throughout Australia encompassing various business models, regions and available floral resources.

The approach AHBIC is taking in providing advice to the incident management team is a risk based approach, to achieve business continuity for beekeepers without taking unconsidered risks.

DPI is working on a movement permit system to allow movement of bees from certain areas of NSW, under certain conditions, without compromising the effort to eradicate Varroa.

AHBIC is providing input to DPI to ensure a balanced risk based approach to hive movement. Spring is a critical time for beekeepers who need to move hives for business continuity, without spreading Varroa.

The first stage of this approach is to allow beekeepers to manage beehives without moving. This was achieved yesterday when the no-tamper order was lifted for the areas outside the eradication zone. The second stage will be to implement controlled and traceable movement permits. This permit system is being carefully considered with input from many experts including AHBIC. The permits will contain conditions to minimise the risk of Varroa spread. Permits will not be implemented until the experts believe the risk is considered and minimised.

AHBIC will continue to represent the needs of the Honey Bee industry and strive for the best outcome possible for this dire situation we find ourselves in.

There is a large team of professionals working hard to provide the best possible outcome including 80 DPI staff at Orange, 188 DPI staff at Maitland and over 50 beekeeping volunteers.

AHBIC also shared a shot video of the activity at the State Control Centre. 

Please click here to watch the video.

Kind regards,

Jo Martin 

QBA State Secretary

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