Varroa Mite Update 22 - NSW DPI Biosecurity (Varroa Mite) Emergency Order No.9

07 July 2022 7:13 PM | Anonymous

Please find the updated Biosecurity (Varroa Mite) Emergency Order No.9 issued by the Deputy Chief Plant Protection Officer of NSW. 

The new order reflects the extension of areas identified as Varroa Mite Emergency Zones. 

Please click the link below to access a copy of the new order. 

I have also taken the liberty of attaching a copy of the new map to the bottom of this email. Should you wish to access the interactive map, please visit the link below.

We strongly recommend members continue to access the QBA website varroa mite portal for additional information. This portal continues to be updated daily. Click here to access the varroa mite portal. 

As with all communications relating to the response, we will continue to publish updates in a time sensitive manner. 

Kind regards,

Jo Martin 

QBA State Secretary

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