Varroa Mite Update 21 - Entry into Victoria (only should the NSW standstill order be lifted).

06 July 2022 9:34 PM | Anonymous

The basis of tonight's email is to provide an update to our members who are seeking additional information on some of the requirements now in place for the migration of hives to the almond growing regions in Victoria. 

The following information has been taken directly from the Agriculture Victoria website (DAF equivalent in Victoria). 

Victorian Control Area

An Order declaring Victoria as a Control Area is now in place prohibiting the movement of bees, beehives, beekeeping equipment and bee products into and within Victoria.

Anyone seeking to move bees, hives, used beekeeping equipment and bee products, including pollen and honeycomb into Victoria, from New South Wales, or that which have been in NSW at any time after 1 January 2022 and have since moved to another State or Territory, must obtain a permit. Movement restrictions will also apply to any other State or Territory if Varroa mite is declared present.

This does not include processed honey and wax and new beekeeping tools and equipment which can be transported within Victoria and from interstate.

In addition, anyone seeking to move bees, beehives, beekeeping equipment and bee products into Victoria’s Sunraysia region, from within Victoria or from another state, must obtain a permit. This measure has been put in place ahead of Victoria’s almond pollination season. This applies to all Victorian and interstate beekeepers.

No permits will be granted for applications seeking movement from NSW while the standstill is in place, in line with NSW emergency orders. This also applies to Victorian beekeepers seeking re-entry to Victoria.

Applications from New South Wales will be assessed once the current standstill in NSW has lifted.

This Order has been made to prevent the exotic Varroa mite from coming into Victoria from NSW. Currently Victoria remains free from Varroa mite.

To learn more about the requirements and relevant permits to enter Victoria please visit:

Please also note, given the current standstill (Movement Control Order) in NSW, movement from other states into NSW is strictly prohibited.

Information and updates on when the standstill in NSW may be lifted will be communicated to our members and contacts as a priority. 

As a final update, similar to our efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic, a national task force has again been mobilised to manage the immediate challenges of industry to coordinate and control the movement of hives for pollination events across the country. 

The QBA Management team have asked that I continue to represent the QBA and greater QLD  industry given my past involvement and expertise in the exercise to see bees delivered to pollination during the uncertainty of COVID. The QBA is supported in the meeting by Biosecurity Queensland and an expert from Transport and Main Roads who provided assistance during the COVID-19 border closures. 

The task force includes representation at a high level from AHBIC, state bodies, and state agencies and a broker, all working together towards a common goal. The group has held 3 meetings over the past 12 days with much progress being made as a result of each meeting. We hope to be in a position in the near future to provide some clarity to Queensland based apiarists who provide pollination services to our dependent industry partners. 

On behalf of the QBA Management team I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the continued support we've received through the significant volume of calls and emails. 

Thank you for your support as we too increase commitment towards the national effort to contain and eradicate varroa. 

Kind regards,

Jo Martin 

QBA State Secretary

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