Asian Honey bees detected in southern suburbs of Townsville

14 June 2024 4:47 PM | Anonymous

Dear Members, 

This is a quick email to our members, clubs, and stakeholders to notify you of a detection of Asian honey bees found in the southern suburbs of Townsville. 

Two separate detections have been confirmed in the outer southern suburbs of Townsville.

The bees have been genetically tested and results confirm the detection is linked to the endemic population in Cairns. 

Laboratory testing has found no evidence of varroa mite or exotic bee viruses. 

Biosecurity Queensland have issued a E-Alert to beekeepers subscribed to their e-alerts system. 

To read the E-alert, please click here.

We strongly urge all beekeepers to subscribe to the E-alert email system, which continues to be the main source of information from Biosecurity Queensland. 

To subscribe to the e-alert system please click here.

The QBA continue to provide Industry Liaison Officers to Biosecurity Queensland to support the response to the detection of Asian honey bees and Varroa jacobsoni at the Port of Brisbane, and the latest detection of Asian honey bees in Townsville (linked to the FNQ endemic population). 

The QBA express our sincere appreciation to the vigilant Townsville beekeeper who notified Biosecurity Queensland of the suspect bees. 

All the best, 

Jo Martin. 

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